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At Pacific Enterprise, our focus is to deliver results our clients can trust, returning valid and effective data efficiently from wherever in the world it needs to collected.

What We Do

Our core business is data collection and project management solutions for autonomous driving and driver assistance technology development. Reinforcing this, our team is made up of staff with management and engineering backgrounds, who bring a diverse range of skills to each project.

Technology 100%
Reliablity 100%
Quality 100%

We handle projects for a diverse range of clients, including automotive OEMs, suppliers and research bodies.

Our clients know that when they select us to manage the collection of critical test data, they can rely on effective data being returned to them. This is crucial in the development of future generations of automotive systems.

ADAS Testing

We can operate ADAS-function test vehicles around the world in all climate and terrain conditions on behalf of our customers. Together, we help them realize next-generation systems.

Autonomous Mobility

Together with FUTU-RE, we offer a wide range of autonomous mobility services, from control systems design to retrofitting, managed according to our core principles.

Heavy Vehicle Projects

We collaborate on large scale, public-sponsored, projects involving heavy vehicles. These include realizing truck platooning on Japanese highways and working towards level 4 autonomy.


We support in delivering simulation-based research and development projects, collaborating with private industry and academia to assist research into future automotive systems.


Our Mission

At Pacific Enterprise, our mission is to deliver automotive research and development projects for our customers affordably, safely and efficiently, making full use of our international team and wide network to cross the boundaries of region and language.

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to any technical or logistic challenges that may arise in a project. We make progress quickly, regardless of where in the world we are operating. In today’s challenging global environment, this gives us an edge.


Pacific Enterprise

Automotive data collection, test driving and project management.


Autonomous vehicle technologies and control engineering.


The European base for our group’s activities in diverse automotive fields.


Data Engineering for automotive PLM, vehicle simulation and development.

Plescinia Technologies

3D display and photonics research.


Solutions for aging urbanized society.

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